Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have you heard of the Akavar 20/50 weight loss pill?

My sister-in-law was shocked to know that one can actually lose weight just by drinking chinese tea alone. She's put on a lot of weight these few months and is not looking for something that can help her lose a few pounds of fat, especially around her mid section. She has been attending a lot of wedding dinners lately and all those full-course chinese dinners an be fattening. And she still has few to attend too these few coming weeks. I have been to a few myself. Isnt it funny that so many people like to hold their wedding functions at he end of the year?

She asked me if the weight loss supplement called Akavar 20/50 weight loss pill can help her lose some weight or not and i told her i have not heard of it before. She told me the Akavar 20/50 is a hot-selling weight loss pill and that it acts as a caloric restrictor and metabolism booster. Sounds so complicated to me. I only drink Oolong tea to help me stay slim. Apart from helping me keep my weight in check, it also has many other health benefits like reducing stress level and a very good antioxidant. I always make a pot of tea to drink at night when i blog. But if she wants to try the pill out, she can go ahead.

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