Monday, October 29, 2007

Who's been to Kauai?

It's really not easy to plan for a vacation when you are tight on a budget. Of course i'd like to go on a luxury vacation. But if i were to spend so much at once, i wont get to enjoy a long holiday. So, i just want to find a small and cosy resort that's affordable and yet, have all the amenities right there at the place. And that's where Kauai vacation rentals comes to mind.

My friend once told me she booked her there and was surprised that she managed to save quite a substantial amount of money. Her hubby brought some brochures back from the local travel agent's office and she found that it differs by a few thousand just for accommodation alone. And that's a lot of money. She advised me to check out Kauai Travel Blog for their recommendation and also What to Do in Kauai when holidaying there. It's very informative.

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