Sunday, October 07, 2007

You must take a look at these custom crystal attires

I have quite a few more wedding functions to attend till the end of next month. I think i will be getting more wedding invitations. Any idea why people just like to hold all wedding functions at the end of the year? I think i will go broke soon with so many gifts to buy for all my friends and relatives.

I have to go to the jewelry shop again this evening to find a suitable gift for my pretty cousin sister who will be getting married tomorrow. Yes, i have this habit of doing things at the very last minute. I just hope i can find her something memorable. I know she loves those diamond bracelets with lots of hearts dangling from it. She's going to squeal with delight when she sees that i'm going to buy her one like that. And that's if the jewelry shop i go to have something like that in store.

I was chatting with her the other day when she showed me the Custom Crystal Attire at which her hubby bought for her. It's gorgeous. She's so lucky. When i got married a few years back, there werent any online stores like this. If i were to get married all over again, i think i'll spend a bomb at the store buying all those wedding items.

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