Sunday, October 07, 2007

My cousin is looking for bodybuilding supplements

My cousin joined a gym last month. He's been drinking a lot and he's getting a beer belly around his middle. His wife keeps complaining that he now looks awful in his jeans with a portruding belly. She insists he has to do something about or else he wont get to go out to meet his friends anymore. I do agree with his wife that he is indeed getting fatter by the day. It must be all those calories in the beer that made him this fat. Moreover, he lives quite a sedentary lifestyle and seldom exercise. They have one of those exercise machines at home but its\'s only collecting dust under the bed. He complains that it's boring to workout alone at home in front of the television set.

He called to ask me to recommend him some bodybuilding supplements like muscle builders, custom anabolic stacks, fat burners, steroids, and steroid alternatives. He hope that will help him achieve his ideal figure sooner. I told him to check out Bodybuilding Supplements @ My brother-in-laws bought some from them before and he says that they do carry many unique products that is unable to find elsewhere. They have a toll free support line should anyone wants more information about any of their products. He can give them a call to check with them first before he buys from them.

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