Sunday, October 07, 2007

I have short straight hair now

I really do hate it whenever i see shampoo advertisements showing on tv. And i hate it even more when those shampoos are specially formulated to achieve that long straight silky shiny hair look which is all the rave of late. I flip through dozens of magazines each month and it seems long straight shiny hair is here to stay. Curls are out for the time being. And that's also one of the reason why i went and cut those long long curly tresses of mine away last Friday. I'm sporting a very short crop now. And i love it very much. Hubby got a the shock of his life when he picked me up from the salon, lol.

My hair stylist applied some cream to straighten my long hair before he styled it. He even used one of those FHI Straighteners to turn them poker straight permanently. I've had my hair dyed in a shade of shocking red highlights. It looks fantastic now and my head feels so light. It's no longer weighed down by the volume of hair that i have previously. I dont think i'll ever keep long hair again. But if i do, i might want to invest in one of those FHI Straighteners to keep them long straight and shiny!!!

*This is a paid review*

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