Sunday, October 07, 2007

Are you looking for a website optimization firm?

With all the ongoing Google pr shake up, we're beginning to see more and more bloggers penalised and their blog ranking dropping. This is bad news. I have been to a few good site these few days and almost all have their pr slashed. ALl the bloggers are now torching google for their unfair treatment even to those who do not write paidposts at all. In my opinion, i have a feeling that google is trying to get those prominent bloggers to voice out negative remarks against those paidposts companies. I keep my fingers crossed that all my sites wont drop at all. I guess i'm one of the lucky ones who with my blogs pr unchanged. I just hope that wont change for the next few months.

So, a few of my blog buddies are now discussing on whether to hire a website optimization firm to work at their sites. Many of them noticed a drop in their traffic. And this in turn affects their advertising revenue. Even though i am not one of those affected, i think it's also wise to get a quote from them. I need more organic traffic to my sites too. I do have some ads here which will benefit from more visitors. And if people were to search on those keywords related top my site and my blog appear on the top ten list of the search result page, i'll be very happy. Yes, i think it's time i check out a website optimization firm and see how they can help me out.

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