Monday, October 08, 2007

Do you like the Nokia N95?

I dont think i'll ever get to use my Nokia N73 anymore. I've just opened a new supplementary line for hubby with Maxis and he's using that phone since i brought it back from the workshop. He was thinking of making video calls whenever he travels so that the kids can see Papa. But he's forgotten that where we now lives, we dont have 3G coverage. It's only available in town. Dont tell me i have to drive all the way to town with the kids just so that he can make video calls with them, lol.

Anyway, eventhough i am using the new O2 Zinc right now, i still want a phone that runs on Symbian. I have a few important applications that runs on Symbian platform only. I think i'll most likely get the Nokia N95. Still waiting for the 8gb version to hit the stores. Hubby asked me to consider the Motorola RAZR V3 or the LG enV VX9900. But i dont like clamshell phones and the LG looks horrible. He says there are so many on sale at I can always buy another there if i like.

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