Monday, October 08, 2007

Samm needs help

I fell asleep on the couch halfway blogging and woke up at 8pm. Hubby had to go out for an appointment and left the kids with me. He's been helping me out these few days as he's free, but he has to travel again starting tomorrow and wont be back for a coupe of days. Malcolm is going to pine for a whole day if his Papa is not around.... sigh.

I've been running up and down the house again the moment i woke up. Bathe, cook, change, blah, blah, blah. And i just realised that it's almost 11pm. Geeee.... time just disappeared. And Gordon is just having his dinner now, lol. I havent eaten myself but i'll gaotim that fler sinn before i have mine. Yawwwnnnnn..... i'm getting sleepy again and so many posts to write lehhhhh. I need helpppppppp!!!!

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