Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Are you looking for cheap Aussie accommodation?

I met a blogger friend last week. She's been living in Melbourne for the past seven years and came back with her son to visit her mom. Too bad my kid was at school and missed the opportunity to meet her kid. I'm sure the both of them would hit it off immediately as they are both of the same age.

It's good to meet new friends. Not that i have a lot in the first place. She told me how wonderful Melbourne at this time of the year. The weather's great too and it's going to be a very happening place during Christmas. She says we can always put up at her place if we ever go there for a holiday. That's good as we can save a lot of money that way.

But if we were to go to other places as well, we will need to find cheap accommodation like hotels in gold coast, hotels in surfers paradise, hotels in adelaide and also perth hotels. I have a few friends living in Perth which i've not met since the day we left school. Given the chance, i want to pay them visit when i go to Australia.

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