Thursday, November 01, 2007

Buy reef sandals before you head to the beach

My sister-in-law came to ask me for a remedy for her poor foot. Her sole is covered in blisters, my gawddd. She told me she took the kids to the beach last weekend. Of all the things in the world, she forgot to pack her slippers with her. She remembered her suntan lotion, straw hat, sunglasses and all. Except her sandals. She cant be wearing her heels at the beach what, right. She didnt want to buy a pair from the convenience store at the hotel. According to her, it's very expensive and not worth the price quoted. Moreover, they are really ugly.

I feel that it's stupid on her part to not buy it. A pair of those sandals only cost 30 bucks. not that she cannot afford it. I'll gladly grab it if i forgot mine. So, she spent two whole days walking around the place barefoot, lol. And now she suffering in silence. I had blisters before and i know how painful they can be. You really cant walk with blisters all over your soles, k. So, if you are heading to the beach sometime this year end, you'd better get hold of some Reef Sandals from They have some very pretty and fashionable designs.

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