Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where to buy safe ceramics clay

Have you ever tried pottery before? I just received a flyer advertising their holiday pottery classes for both adults and children. I've attended one of these classes before and i like it very much. It's fun, you know. If you've watched the movie Ghost, you would have seen how sensual pottery can be. Watching Demi Moore's hand moulding the clay into a vase on the pottery stand can really turn a man on, aitelyu.

Now, if you are into pottery, i'm sure you buy Ceramic Clays every now and then, right. You may want to hop over to and take a look at their arts and crafts materials and also Modeling clays. I'd also like to let you know that Amoco's clay are of the highest quality available and they are also very safe. They are 100% talc-free. American Art Clay Co is a leader in safety for children's arts & crafts. If my kids were to take up pottery, i want to make sure that the clay they use is safe too. So, do check it out, ya.

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