Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dont have a food blog if you cant take good pics

I came across a blog. A food blog to be exact. My god, i tell you. Take this from me. If you dont have a good decent camera, nor photo-taking skills, by all means, spare us all and forget about writing a food blog once and for all. The recipe you share may read well or i can even imagine it to be good too. But tiu lorrrr.... i take one look at those ultra horrijible pics and i wanna puke jor.... bbllluuueeekkkkk. Even my phone cam can do better than that. End of rant.

2 Responses:

pablopabla said...

Er...you talking about my food blog kah?

Samm said...

Pablopabla - no, not yours.... afturds u sue me how how how.