Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What are you trying to prove?

Sigh.... if you are fugly, you're just fugly. Wei... i'm not saying i'm a hottie, ok. But i'm sure not going to put up an old pic of myself and fish for comments just to prove a point. Ok, even if i do, it just proves that i am indeed hot, cannot meh. I am so free these days that i've been blog-hopping around. So, when i come across a post that gets on my nerve, i'll rant it out here. Gosh... i've missed out on a lot of things in a year. Gonna 8 more everyday, lol.

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Foods for the souls said...

Yerr..don't diss me like that lah. eh, wait, I never put any 20 years old pic of me. So you not dissing me hor? LOLOLOL