Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Get an Oregon mortgage refinance to remodel you r hosue

It's really been a long while since i last met Joe. He's changed so much in these few years. I got to know that he's now married and have two boys just like me. He didnt bring his kids along with him when he dropped by my place. How i wish he had. My kids would have loved some company around. They seldom get anyone over to play with.

Joe was actually over to ask me to help him redesign his house. He wants to extend the back portion of his house to make a bigger kitchen. His wife loves to bake and says the extra space will come in handy when she needs to bake cookies for New Year. She intends to sell them during the festive season to make some extra pocket money for the family.

Joe also asked me if i can recommend him a lender so that he can remortgage his house. Well, i can only help him as far as design is concern. As for the mortgage part, it's best he check out Oregon mortgage refinance. I had a friend who took out an Oregon mortgage refinance when he wanted to remodel his house. Apart from getting some extra cash on hand, he saved a lot on interest too. If you need to remortgage your house, you may want to check them out too.

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