Sunday, November 04, 2007

Have a wonderful time in Italy

Only two things come to my mind whenever someone talks about Italy. One is Lb, the other is Giorgio Armani. Both related to fashion, lol. I wont ever to meet with Armani if i ever go to Italy, but i may get to meet Lb there. And that's IF he can spare the time to meet up with me. But even if he's too busy to take me around, there are lots of interesting places to visit like the colisuem and trevi fountain when one is in Italy. But first, i'll have to find some really cheap hotels in italy or else i'll have to bunk in with Lb.

A friend of mine once visited the sistine chaple and told me i must go there is i'm ever in italy. It's fairly easy to find affordable hotels in rome these days. One must not forget to take lots of pictures of pathenon and vatican city. Or else, you cannot say you've been to rome. Another interesting must-visit place must be the Fenice. Well, many people go to Venice this time of the year. Do check out those cheap venice hotels and trat yourself to a wonderful holiday in italy.

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L B said...

Bring lormaikai, and then we discuss...