Saturday, November 03, 2007

Check out this stainless steel store

Everyone that dropped by my house raved about our new fridge in stainless steel finish. I've never seen my Mother-in-law felt so proud of her kitchen before. Itold her when i have saved up enough money, i will give it a complete makeover. I'll change all the cabinets and a few other appliances for her too. There are so many old plastic containers and cooking utensils inside those cabinets and i told her they are not good for health.

Those non-stick pots and pans will have to go as i've read that the coating are cancerous. Moreover, i can see that some of their surfaces are scratched too. I'm going to throw them away and replace them with stainless steel pots and pans. i found a stainless steel store that sells almost everything that i'll need for the household. They have a large variety of modern stainless steel items for your home. I used to think metal items are very industrial looking and i was so wrong. You must check this stainless steel store out for yourself and you'll know what i mean.

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