Friday, November 02, 2007

Save more at Save Buckets

I have to buy a new laptop soon. Hubby just told me that his company ae selling off all the old ones soon. I've been using that laptop for months now. I do like it very much. Too bad they have to sell it off. He told me i can always bid for it as it's opened to anyone and the highest bidder wins. No way, i might as well buy myself a new one. I just heard that Save Buckets has just launched a new price comparison site. And there are many laptops there for me to check out.

If i find one that i really like and the price is right, i'm going to buy one for myself. Christmas is coming soon. It'll be my Christmas present and i'm going to buy 2 mp3 players fro both hubby and i too whilst at it. If you havent heard about Save Buckets, you may want to hop over to the site and check it out for yourself. It has appeared in several notable news sites, including Channel 4 news.

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