Friday, November 02, 2007

Looking for car rental service in Chicago

Hubby will be going to Chicago for a few days and told me that he might be staying with a friend instead of a hotel this time. If i'm not wrong, Kenneth lives there. I've not seen nor heard from him since the day he moved to Chicago with his family. He used to come by our place for dinner. He called hubby and told him about his new business venture a few weeks ago. Since hubby has to go to Chicago, he's thinking of meeting up with Kenneth to see what his new business venture is all about.

Hubby told me he doesnt want to take the cab around Chicago and also dont quite like the idea of Kenneth driving him around town. He asked me to help him locate a place where he can rent a car in chicago. I asked around a few friends of mine who lives in Chicago and they told me to check out SideStep, a traveler's search engine. SideStep is the best place for travelers as it is very comprehensive, providing the best up-to-the-minute car rental deals available. I got to search for over over 30,000 car rental locations worldwide. I can book directly with any rent-a-car companies that i choose and best of all, SideStep is free!

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