Friday, November 02, 2007

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I was going through my hard drive just now and i realized that i have thousands of photos in there. And all these were taken since the day i bought my very first digital camera. I've changed many digital cameras over the years. Let me see. My first was a Casio which made heads turn each time i used it. Those days, it's rare to see a person taking a picture with a digital camera and many people even walk up to inquire what it is too, lol.

My second digital camera is the Ricoh, and it has served me well for more than 5 years before the screen suddenly went dead. I used the Fuji for a short while before i settled with my current Sony DSC T100. And i love using it. It's my best camera to date and i have taken many stunning and also funny pictures and also movies of my kids and surroundings with it

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