Monday, November 05, 2007

Sign up with iron condors today

My uncle got to know of iron condor, an options trading newsletter from one of his stock trading buddies the other day and wanted to come over to my place and tell me all about it. We were talking about the stock market the other day and he was telling me he made quite a substantial amount of money this year just by trading on stocks alone. My uncle is a very patient person and he has this knack for analyzing good performing stocks. I dont really have much knowledge in this at all.

He told me to sign up with iron condors as they provide a proven strategy to gain from the stock market. They know that there are many out there who are tired of picking good stocks, or hates trying to figure out complicated charts. There's no way one can predict nor tell which way the market is going each day. He says their strategy is pretty straightforward and doesn't care about individual stocks. Forget about those complicated analysis as it doesnt require any at all. It just helps him make money no matter which direction the market goes.

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