Monday, November 05, 2007

Heavy equipment operator school

I was just telling hubby about my uncle this afternoon. He was a heavy equipment operator and has been doing that for a living for the past ten years. Those days, there werent such a thing as attending a Heavy Equipment Operator School. He was crippled when the excavator he was handling slipped and fell down a slope many years back. It was all over the news. Many people thought he died but he was really lucky to be alive today.

My cousin is also very interested in heavy equipment since he was a kid and he told his dad he also wanted to be a heavy equipment operator. His dad was strongly against it as he doesnt want my cousin to suffer the same fate as he did. What he doesnt know is that the company my cousin works for sends all their operators to ATS to obtain the necessary skills to handle such monsters. This is to ensure their safety, unlike those days, where everything is by trial and error. My uncle finally gave his blessings after learning this.

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