Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Colorful scrubs online

My mom called me up about two nights ago, if i remember correctly. She told me that my brother-in-law just got back from the hospital and is recuperating at home right now. He underwent angioplasty, just like what his sis did a couple of months ago. I didnt know a thing about it until my mom called. I did call my niece up for a chat a few days back and she didnt even tell me about her dad's operation. Neither did my sis inform me about it. If i knew about it, i would have paid him a visit. My mom dropped by their house sometime later in the evening after she called me. I wanted to go too but unfortunately i'm not on talking terms with my brother. Gonna be an awkward situation to sit at the same living room without talking, right. I didnt drop by in the end, but called my sis up to send my regards. My sis understood, that's what's important. If i've known about it earlier, i wouldnt have paid him a visit at the hospital.

Talking of hospital visits, my friend just delivered a healthy and chubby baby boy last week. I was there to pay her a visit. I went there early and she was still inside the delivery room. I had mine via caesarean section, but she wanted to try natural birth since this is her first baby. It was a success for her and i'm glad. Many of my friends ended up having to have theirs via caesarean section even though they tried naturally. I was waiting right outside and i saw some nurses and doctors hurrying over to the operating theater in their scrubs. Gosh, what an awful color and they are faded too. I know of a place on the internet that sells great looking scrubs with affordable prices. And yes, they come in many colors too. I'd better have a word with my doctor friend who's attached to the hospital one of these days. They would certainly benefit from a change of scrubs.

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