Thursday, December 20, 2007

Early breakfast

Rare! Very rare indeed. It's not everyday that i decide to show my face to the morning crowd, lol. Not that there's a crowd at 7am though. And just in case you may wonder.... THAT IS NOT MALCOLM'S PAPA.... GEDDIT!!!! It's just another Ah Pek there at the coffeeshop. I let him walk around the place as there are not that many people yet. I dont want him to get in the way of hot food and drinks. Moreover, there's a huge drain right outside and i dare not even think what will happen should he falls into it.

I wonder what Malcolm was thinking when he went near the Ah Pek. He might be thinking why is he covering his face with the newspaper. Or maybe he's trying to tell him that it's not right of him to throw his cigarette butt down onto the floor. Is should have added some caption to the photo with The Bubblenator, but i uploaded this pic from my phone and cant get it done. Doesnt work with the phone. Maybe next time. Makes the picture more interesting, ya. You can if you want to. You can get it from the link i provided here.

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