Friday, December 21, 2007

I print money from my bedroom

My SIL just cannot understand i have work to do. She kept harping on and on and on that i sit in front of the pc all the time.... DOHHHH. Quite a sei8phor. How to explain to her what a blogger is? How to tell her i have tonnes of blogs? How to tell her i write for USD? Cos each explanation will be followed by even more questions, and questions i dont feel like answering, cos they're really lame and silai tou sei.

Niamah. Dont tell me just because she holds a dunno wat wat position in a dunno wat wat company, she can come lansi lanyeong with me here, hoh. Keep probing with things like, "How much can you make wor. Get a job better mah. Got epf lah, socso lah, leave lah".... mahai. She shut up when i told her i wrote a total of USD137.50 worth of ads yesterday, HAPPY. How to compare.

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renet13 said...

recruit her to blog lah just like u did to me. lol