Friday, December 14, 2007


If you were to ask me if i believe in Karma or not, i'd give you a prompt yes. In brief, some blardy asshole caused us to lose a lot of money this year. Yes, it was done intentionally. It was a deal destined to die even before takeoff because the bastard had it all planned. And yes, it's all for selfish gains. If he'd been more patient and took things one step at a time, we'd be making really good money by now. Too bad, it didnt happen.

We pulled out in the end with losses to the tune of 6 figures. We sat back and watched the whole thing knowing that Karma will get at him one fine day. And the day did come. He suffered a stroke last week. No, i have no feeling over this person after what he's done. It's not about the money cos we can earn that back in time. It's the shit he left behind that pissed us off. He can rot in bed till the day the devil comes for him.

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LOL, want to change your blog title like mine? Karma Kameleon