Friday, December 14, 2007

Men and cars

Men. They all give more attention to their cars than to their other half. It's a hard fact of life that women will have to live with. The same goes for mine. He can spend hours at the bookstore poring over car magazine. He can spend hours talking to me about the various car models which i know nuts about. He can spend hours at the car accessories shop looking for chrome door handles that matches with his car. He can spend hours at the garage tinkering with it. He can spend hours waxing it to a perfect shine. And he complains that i spend hours in front of my pc. Is yours like that?

2 Responses:

Jen's Place said...

Mine is similar too! But he is also crazy about computer stuffs! Anything related to the latest upgrade and he will go on and on and on until I go nuts. Worse still if we go KL and go to Low Yatt, then I die of boredom..
Another would be football but I rather not go there..hehehe
But all the same, we love our man just the way they are rite? (wink)

Rose's World said...

Hahaha! remind me of yesterday when we went to Popular Book for book hunting! My hubby told me 30 minutes for me to browse and select a book, and pay myself! Duh! What the ****! No, no 30 minutes for me to go around, as my daughter left to me to look after, and he went to Chinese section and select 2 books on China history worth RM100+! And dare he asked "where is your book?"! Men! Say one thing, do another thing! guess we cant live without them and with them!