Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Are hobart dishwashers good?

My mother-in-law came home with a new stack of dishes this morning. It's a huge stack, lol. She says there'll be more people back for Chinese New Year celebration this year and she's afraid that we dont have enough dishes. I stared at them in disbelief. If i'm not wrong, she does this every single year without fail. And once Chinese New Year is over, the new dishes goes into boxes and up the attic never to be seen again. I wonder what she's gonna do with so many boxes of dishes up in the attic. As family heirlooms? Hahahahaha, i dont want any, lol.

I think what she needs to buy is a hobart dishwasher. I hate doing the dishes as i gives me a bad rash on my right hand. I dont like to wash dishes with the rubber g;love as i cant seem to feel the dishes and tend to break them. My sister-in-laws will complain a lot of they have to wash them. So, to save all the trouble, i think the best solution is still to buy a dishwasher this year. What do you think of hobart dishwashers? Have you used a hobart dishwasher before? If you have and it's good, drop me a line, ya.

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