Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My neighbor has ED problem and needs Viagra

My neighbor has been complaining about menopause for a long time. She kept asking my mother-in-law questions on this matter and she's also getting a bit frustrated with my neighbor. She's answered nearly every question and yet, each time she bumps into my mother-in-law when she's on her way out to the market each morning, she'll repeat the same old thing over and over again. My mother-in law told her to go see a doctor about it to ease her doubts. But then, she's afraid of all those hormone replacement therapy medication and refuse to take any. Well, it's entirely up to her.

She then asked my mother-in-law if my father-in-law is taking Viagra or not, lol. I tell you, she really can be a pest at times. Even if he is taking Viagra, do you think my mother-in-law will tell her. So, it seems that she's not the only one suffering aiagra, he needs to go see a doctor first. He'll be able to recommend him the right dosage. Dont self-administer, k. Especially for those with pre-existing heart problems. You really need to have your health assessed before taking Viagra. Remember, your health is more important than getting lil' brother up before the occasion, ya.

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