Friday, January 25, 2008

How may sports bras do you have?

Have you any idea how hot is it now? Although i'm seated outside here in the shade, i'm sweating from head to toe. Errrmmm... no. I rephrase. A lady dont sweat, they perspire, lol. I'm at Parkson Kopitiam Junction now. Not even 2pm yet. Plenty of time for me to relax and enjoy myself till it's time to go pick Gordon up from school. Hubby says i might a well go buy some new clothes for Chinese New Year but i really dont feel like it. I just want to buy lots and lots of tank tops instead. I just cannot imagine myself clad in anything else other than tank tops.

I dont even feel like going out to visit friends and relatives during Chinese New Year. All i want to do is sit inside my cold air-conditioned room in my hot and sexy Sports Bra and watch tv all day long. Of, yes, i will still blog, lol. How can i not. When i was pregnant with both my kids, all i wore inside my bedroom were Sports Bras and i do have many of sports bras in all colors, shapes and sizes. There was a time when i love going to the gym for workouts. Not now. Not since my first kid came along and took away all my free time. But i consider looking after him a good workout too. Both mentally and physically, lol.

My friend who's also pregnant was complaining of the dreadful heat and i told her to buy a few Sports Bra back and wear them at home. Sports Bras have good support and they will definitely accommodate the ever expanding growth of her breasts. So, dont think if the name is Sports Bra, you can only use them for sports sessions or gym workouts. They are very versatile and are fashionable too. I'm particularly in favor of the Shock Absorber Reversible Sports Bra as i'm of small size. For those who are well endowed, then i suggest you get those with better support like a Shock Absorber Anti Bounce Sports Bra. It serves dual purpose as i bet you'll want to head straight to the gym right after baby is born, ya.

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