Friday, January 25, 2008

I found some wedding favors inside my laptop bag

I was online using the free wifi offered at Kopitiam Junction until i got cut off. It's been happening a lot lately due to unstable Streamyx lines. Many of my friends are also complaining that they can hardly get online from their landlines at home too. It's really sickening that we have to keep paying for something that we cannot use almost half the time. And connection sucks especially during night time. Now, many of you dont care much if it sucks during those hours but there are many of us who have to go online after 9pm. That's when USA wakes up and work starts. So, you can imagine how angry many of my friends are. Well, not me though as i do have a few other backup lines like Maxis, Celcom and the lousy Edge too, lol.

So, coming back to the disconnected wifi at Kopitiam Junction. As usual when that happens, i will take out my Huawei 3.5G modem out and swap the Maxis sim card from my phone to it. Oh, i can always use my O2 and connect directly to the internet using the internet sharing function. But i prefer the faster 3.5g connection that my wireless modem provides. Whilst fumbling for it, i found some wedding favors inside my laptop bag too, lol. I have no idea how they ended up inside my laptop bag but i have a strong feeling my kid stuffed it there. Anyone getting married soon? You may want to check out the wedding favors offered at the link here in this post. The site has one of the best wedding favors i've seen and if i were to get married all over again, i will get all mine there. But, fat chance lerrrr.

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