Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Le Torri Villa in Tuscany

My cousin told me about a very nice her hubby booked for their honeymoon. He found out about these beautiful Villa vacation rentals apartments in Tuscany through a friend and fell in love with the place immediately. Both my cousin and her. husband want a change from the usual luxury hotels they are so used to staying whenever they travel abroad. My cousin's hubby is a very successful businessman and travels often. My cousin was an air-stewardess and practically lives in hotels all year round. Ya, i guess if i'm like them, i want a change too.

The place her hubby booked is called the Le Torri Villa. It is a 13th century Tuscan farmhouse which is administrated by the owner-family. The Le Torri is subdivided in apartments of 2 bed and 4 bed each. It is only a few minutes away from the artistic Tuscan city centres and Florence only 25 minutes. She says what makes it unique is its terracotta flooring, exposed oak beams and stylish rustic furniture. Sounds like a dream honeymoon destination, ya. I told her to take lots of pics of the beautiful villa and show us when she comes back. Too bad she doesnt have a blog. If not, she can update us as she's enjoying her honeymoon.

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