Thursday, January 03, 2008

What's a bridal shawl?

My cousin told me she emailed me some pictures of her wedding gown. Too bad i wasnt able to load the pics. No idea why, it just wouldnt load. Maybe the files are too big? I dont think so as i have a 6gb plus mailbox and i've only used less than 5% of my quota. Maybe they are corrupted. She's not around as she's gone to Singapore and wont be back till two days before her wedding. Geeee... i'm dying to see how her bridal shawl looks like. I heard my mom says my aunt keep telling her how beautiful the bridal shawl is. What the heck is it? How come i never had one when i got married?

Earlier last week, she told me she found one at When she saw it, she told me she's never seen anything as gorgeous as that before and went on a hunting spree for one that look like that. She found a bridal shop that has one similar to what she saw. But with a slightly different material. Sigh... i'd rather buy it from the site. Why bother running about hunting for a similar one. She now wants to get one of those Custom Crystal Attire at Hope it arrives in time for her wedding. It's only days away.

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