Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who needs eyeglasses here?

I cooked some potato and carrot porridge for Malcolm before i went to the salon. Left word with hubby to try his best to give Malcolm some when he's hungry. Anyway, my boy is always hungry cos he's teething and i dont have much milk in me already. So, i really dont know how he can keep growing without food. As usual, hubby let him watch some Disney English educational DVDs as he busied himself with his new blogs. Yeah, my hubby turned blogger under the influence of his wife, lol.

I called back to let him know every once in a while to not let Malcolm watch too much Dvd. I dont want want him to strain his eyes as he's still a baby. Our tv is on top of the chest of drawers so at least, i dont have to worry that he'll stick his face to the tv like i see so many kids do when they are left to watch tv unsupervised. That's how my cousin's eyes got spoilt when he was a toddler. Too much tv. He's been wearing eyeglasses since 3 years old and my aunt buys him those $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses as he breaks them often. Carrots is good for eyes. Hope Malcolm eats his porridge and quit sticking to me for good.

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