Friday, February 01, 2008

Frank's coming home

I just wish the din will stop. It's midnight for god's sake and i can still hear my neighbor hammering away at the wall. It's driving me nuts and keeps waking baby up too. I need to work now and i cant if he keeps waking up and demanding for a feed now. I have a few more posts to write and i want to get it done before i go to bed. Looks like tonight's gonna be a long one for me. If i go to bed at 4am again tonight, i'm going to look really horrible tomorrow. I hate to walk around like a zombie during the day.

Heard my father-in-law talking to the man the other day. Seems like his son is coming back to stay for good and he's renovating his house now. He's adding an extra room to the back of his house and that's where the noise is coming from. It's only a few houses away from mine and i can still hear the loud bang bang bang. He says he wants to get the room ready before the Boston Moving Company send his son's things back. I just hope he completes the renovation soon. I need my beauty sleep, man....

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