Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are weekends blissful?

Yes, they can be if i dont at myself in the mirror, lol. I really do look horrible now. My face is peeling as i'm undergoing a peeling therapy. It has red patches at all the wrong places. And boy, it really hurts. I cant leave the house without sunblock and i hate applying sunblock. Organic or not, i still dont like having stuff on my face, PERIOD!! Any idea what ingredients clog pores? Better make sure you do or else, your face suffers even more.

Another thing that bugs me is white hair. Some may even call it grey hair or greying hair, but i only see white. What to do? Stress gua? Not enough sleep gua. Lack essential minerals and nutrients gua. Some people prefer to buy hair vitamin for greying hair online. Me, i just gotta make a trip to the Chinese Medical hall and get the most potent herbs to restore my hair pigments. He Shou Wu perhaps? I'll leave it to the sifu to determine the best dosage.

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