Saturday, March 22, 2008

Celebrity sexy lips just like Angelina Jolie's

Hubby took some really closed up shots of me earlier and i uploaded them to the pc just now. I was really shocked to see how dry my lips are. Certainly not as luscious as Angelina Jolie's sexy celebrity lips. Has it got to do with my late nights? Or maybe i didnt drink enough water? Could beer be the culprit? Or maybe i really need to apply something like a lip gloss or lips plumper to make them look fuller?

Now, i know of a product called the celebrity sexy lips plumper. Just that i cant find it here. This is just one of those days i wish i know where to buy celebrity sexy lips plumper back. I know i may not be born with celebrity sexy lips, but i may be able to achieve it with the help of celebrity sexy lip plumper. Life just isnt fair. See how gorgeous Angelina Jolie is with her luscious, kissable and sexy celebrity lips? Do you think she uses the celebrity sexy lip plumper to make them look fuller? Hmmmmmm?????

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