Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I found the most unique wedding gift idea!!!

Let me tell you this, looking for a unique wedding gift idea can be a real daunting task. And this is especially true when the couple happens to be someone dear to you. And, the task becomes even more difficult when they are successful and can afford anything in the world. And both hubby and i are being put in such a situation this time. We have to really crack our head in order to come up with a really unique wedding gift idea.

We received the wedding invitation a few weeks back. We've been to nearly every gift shop in town and yet, they cant really seem to provide us with a unique wedding gift idea. It's still the same old stuff we see everyday. Watches, wine, jewelry, really nothing unique at all. I was ranting about how hard it is to come up with a unique wedding gift idea when my friend told me to consider getting the couple shares from shareinaframe instead. Frankly speaking, i've never heard of anyone doing that. Doesnt it sound like a really unique wedding gift idea?

She says these are real shares of stocks in publicly traded companies which is presented in certificate form. I'm not only getting them a really unique gift not easily found elsewhere. It will even become a great conversation piece, which by the way, also increases in value over time. Now, i feel that this is indeed one of the best and unique wedding gift idea i've ever come across so far. I may even buy some for myself and place them around the house too.

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