Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Internet sharing on my O2 Zinc

The stupid Huawei E220 HSDPA usb modem got me so worked up for the whole of last night and also the whole morning. I keep getting EDGE signals with my Maxis but both my Nokia N73 and O2 Zinc shows i HAVE 3g here, tiu. The line keeps getting stagnant and i have to keep disconnecting and reconnecting. Until i got so blardy tulan, and switched back to using internet sharing on my O2 Zinc.

I seldom use my O2 Zinc internet sharing on 3g cos the signal is still unstable. But after today, i think i'm so gonna reinstall my Nokia N73 Pc-suite so that i can use it as a modem whenever Streamyx goes down again. Reason? The O2 Zinc only runs on either 3G or GPRS, whereby, on my Nokia N73, if 3g signal is too low, it'll switchover to EDGE, which is the in-between signal. Definitely way better than GPRS for heavy users like me, geddit??

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L B said...

You so terror with technology. Scares me loh! :-)