Saturday, March 01, 2008

I love the traffic surge

My blogs' traffic has increased my many folds over the past few weeks. And what happens? I got an increase in revenue as well as many of those who came to my blogs clicked on some of the ads. I'm happy, for once, those ads are performing and i dont have to write like crazy to earn some money. I hope this lasts and if all goes well, i will continue to do what i do best. And that is to get lots and lots of traffic to my empire of blogs. Which by the way, is growing by the day. At what rate? Nope, i'm so not telling.

Someone told me i should really consider hiring a search engine optimisation company to tweak some of my niche blogs. Niche meaning they only have posts relevant to what they are designed for. I dont think i need a search engine optimisation expert at the moment as i have no intention on running ad campaigns on them. But for those of you who would like to run ad campaigns like pay per click advertising for example, then the links in this post may be of help to you, ya.

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