Saturday, March 01, 2008


Yerrrr.... not to say i'm stingy or wat. My kid wants his daily dose of yogurt and so, i went to the fridge to get him his Calci Yum. Then what.... my knn IBS kids are over and they ate them all without asking me. See lah. It's always lidis wan each time they come over, sien mou.

And just now, the dotter hollered from the bathroom says she wants to wash her hair with Gordon's organic shampoo. You know lah, those stuff are expensive wan mah. And they will squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and all goes to waste. Not the first time, k.

Thank god i dont keep stuffs like my Celebrity sexy teeth whitener or Celebrity Sexy Lip Plumper in there. If not, i'm sure they'll disappear from the bathroom too. I really hate it when they come over. My MIL will sure to side them and say things like, "Kids mah... expensive stuffs then dun put inside the bathroom loh...."

Tiu, put where wor. Dont come over and be a nuisance mah. Chi9sin wann. You say tulan or not. Really mou kah gau. In other words, bad upbringing, or the lack of it, NIAMAH.

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L B said...

very Niasing!!!