Friday, March 07, 2008

Laman Web Khairy at

After warkahuntukpm, we now have Laman Web Khairy. You know who Khairy is, right. Khairy Jamaluddin is Umno Youth deputy chief, and also the son in law of Pak Lah, the PM of Malaysia. Aiya, want to launch website, then go do it early.

Anyway, Khairy Jamaluddin website or Laman Web Khairy is at Surfers can write to
Khairy Jamaluddin at (FYI: The Star online left out the dot my at the end of the email address.) And i hate the music that played at Khairy's website.... blek. With our laggy Streamyx connection, makes it even harder to load for those without broadband.