Thursday, March 06, 2008

Need extra storage?

I really cant sleep much during the day of late. The house right behind my bedroom window is renovating again. I'm not complaining about the noise from the tools those contractors use, but it's the blaring noise from the cheap cassette player that's driving me nuts. And what's worse than those contractors singing loudly to the songs, PTUIIII. Let me tell you, it's sheer torture from 8am onwards when they start work. Compared to the Kindy behind, it's like a living hell for eight hours straight.

Anyway, i have no choice but to endure the noise pollution till they finish up and go. My cousin just called up to tell me that he's also renovating his house. His wife is going to deliver their first baby soon and he wants to add another room for his kid. What a lucky little fella. He told me he rented a storage container from Boston Self Storage to keep most of his stuffs whilst he get the place done up nicely for baby. How convenient. Too bad we dont have such a service here. ant wait to see the first picture of my cousin's baby.

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