Monday, March 31, 2008

Weird weather

So fast, and it's Monday. After sending Gordon to school, there's banking to do. Gotta make credit card repayments, and also collect my Adsense money from CIMB. Happy, eh. Blogging is so rewarding. It may not be much, at least, i dont have to worry about recurring expenses like phone bills for instance. Then went to Jusco to buy some cookies for mother in law, and had burgers at McD. Malcolm didnt want any and i didnt buy him ice-cream since everyone's coughing. He just ran around the place.

I gotta rush back later to help a friend book a few Rome apartments online and also check out some nice Rome hotels. I just wish i can go on a holiday now. Too bad, not happening until my kid's school break. The weather is so weird these days. Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun. Even the sky really cannot decide to stay bright or gloomy. I hate it when the weather is like this. I cant be bothered to hang my laundry outside nowadays. I just hang them on the rack inside the second hall. Looks like a refugee camp now. Oh well, not that i can help it. Until the day the sun decide to come out bright and hot.

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