Monday, March 31, 2008

The nail bar file that lasts a lifetime

One of my fingernails chipped when i was a t the yarn store the other day. It got caught onto my knitting and frayed the yarn a bit. I handed my project to the girl to check it and told her to give me a minute. I dug around my bag trying to locate my nail file and found it finally. Too bad it has lost all its grit and cannot do its job well. The girl saw it and told me to throw it away and try this nails bar file instead. She's been using it for a long time and it still does its job well.

She told me this Nail file is also known as the FOREVER FILE. It seems that the grit on this nail file lasts so much longer than a normal nail file. She hasnt bought another nail fiole since the day she used this. I like the idea that all i have to do is to just rinse, leave the nail file to dry and watch the grit return. How hygienic. The girl recommends that i try their kensington caviar 45 second top coat and to get their nails inc. treatment pack 4. If they send to my place, i really dont mind buying from them.

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