Monday, March 31, 2008

Who wants to join me in Venice?

I had a blissful weekend. I stayed well away from my blogs for once. So unlike me, hoh. And i was surprised that i didnt get any withdrawal symptoms like wanna tear my hair apart or what. So, i guess i can really survive being away from them. So, is that good news or what? Does that mean i can finally go on a holiday without lugging my lappie along? my friend has been bugging me to go with her to Venice next month. She's now looking for Apartments for rent in Venice and wants to confirm with me how many rooms to book.

But i dont think i need to book any apartments when down in Venice as my aunt lives there. I guess she wont mind me staying with her for a week or so. But of course, i have to let her know in advance. I think Venice would be a great place to visit at this time of the year. I heard the weather is at its best now. I'd sure like to sit on a gondola with Romeo, lol. Who wants to be my toyboy down in Venice. Trust me, we're so gonna have fun there. Any volunteers?

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