Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fine art storage

My neighbor just moved to her new shop. It's now situated along the main road. Though the rental may be much higher than her previous location, i told her it's worth every dollar as customers can now find her shop easily. Unlike last time, she has to keep explaining directions to her customers all the time. Moreover, she's getting double the space too as she managed to rent the upper floors too. Best of all, the place is fully renovated and she saved a lot that way. Didnt have to do much to the place and can commence business.

She's a florist, and the upper floor is now turned into an art gallery. I've not been to her new place yet. Dont really have the time. She handles all my flower delivery. I just need to give her a call, tell her the recipient's details, and she handles the rest. Convenient, eh. She told me that a customer bought a lot of fine art from her on her opening day. that's good to hear. He's sending them back to US, where he lives. He uses a Fine Art Storage service to handle the shipping for him. Well, if you need to ship your precious fine art pieces anywhere, you may want to check the link out.

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