Sunday, April 13, 2008

Enough is enough

This is the last straw. I dont think i need to tell you folks how much i detest my IBSes, right. To me, there's no weekday and weekends. The only difference they make is my kid is home all day long on both Saturday and Sunday. And what makes weekends the most horrible time of the week for me is each Saturday, my knn IBS#3 will come with her kids. She will have her lunch here, and all the time, you can hear her screaming at her kids.

Today is no exception. Have you any idea how difficult it can be to concentrate on a blog post with her shrill voice right outside my bedroom door? And i was hard pressed for time and my mood was very very screwed. I took one deep breath, walked to the door and asked her when is she gonna leave. Yes, no need to give face. Of course it's only natural that she retort by saying this is not my house. So, i think you can see how pissed i really was and still am till now.

I've never felt a sense of belonging here for as long as i can remember. I dont like it here. I had no choice but to be here. And yes, i can make a difference to my situation and i am going to do it this time. I need to reclaim my very own sanity. I know i'm going to hurt someone's feeling, but what about mine? I'm really really pissed at myself for being so patient all these time. If only i have a foam mattress right now, i would head straight off to bed. End of rant.

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