Sunday, April 13, 2008

Planning a vacation

It's very hard to work hen one is stressed. I'm in fact both mentally and physically depleted. I have a few things to execute but dont feel like doing so. A tired mind just refuse to work. My girlfriend is feeling the same too and asked me if i'd like to go on a vacation with her or not. Do you think i need to think twice. I'd give anything to leave this hell hole this very moment. The thing is i just cant leave both my kids here with hubby or my in-laws. I just dont feel good leaving them behind without any planning.

Anyway, i told her i will think it over and plan something. I will need to have a word with hubby and make very sure that he can handle the kids without me. I need to go on vacation knowing their daily needs are met and they are safe from harm. I told my friend to go ahead and check out, a travel portal for travelers to read hotel reviews, post blogs, upload pictures and much more. I hope she can book the best hotel room for the both of us. I miss going on a vacation with a girl friend. It's very different and more fun. How long have you not been on a vacation? If you havent, then you may also want to check out the link too.

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