Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heard of Indian Creek Hotel

We were actually invited to go to a relatives birthday dinner tonight. We didnt attend cos we had better things to do. My in-law went. We went to my nephew's birthday party instead, lol. My kids had a great time running all over the place. It was drizzling but that didnt stop them from playing in the rain. Not that we can in the first place. They were really having so much fun. When i saw the joy and laughter coming from them, i told myself that when i buy my house, i want one with a huge garden. And yes, mosquito-free is the most important criteria. Second is rats, lol.

My in-laws were back before we got home. I took the kids straight to the bathroom and bundled them off to bed as soon as possible. They were dead tired and Gordon fell asleep immediately. I heard my in-laws talking at the living hall with hubby. There was this lucky draw and they were one of the lucky ones. The prize? A holiday at some Indian Creek Hotel. Where is that? Never heard of it before. Hubby asked if they will go or not and they both laughed. Just dont ask both hubby and i to go. Unless someone sponsors all the flight ticket, i wont bother to go. Not that i want to also :p

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