Monday, April 07, 2008

Travelling with my bamboo charcoal pillow

I can sleep better these days. I bought a bamboo charcoal pillow back as i've read somuch about how it can help with those who have sleeping problems. Oh, Lavender Tea helps of course. But then, half the time, i forget to make a cup and by the time i remember, i'm already in bed and too lazy to go into the kitchen, wait for the water to boil for to make the lavender Tea. I think you get what i mean, hoh. I bet many of you dont even want to walk to the bathroom once you are already in bed, lol.

My room is full of radiation as my pcs run all day and all night long inside. Believe it or not, i think it does contribute to my sleeping problems. So, i think the bamboo charcoal helps neutralises the effect and helps me sleep better. I think this will be my favorite pillow for a long time. I may need to replace it after one year and i hope the shop still carries this bamboo charcoal pillow by then. Even if i go to St Thomas Villas sometimes end of this year, i will bring along my bamboo charcoal pillow, lol. I bet their wont be as comfortable as mine is!!!

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